Monday, November 8, 2010

why not?

it was past bedtime,
the kids had been in their beds for awhile,
and she walked in.

"mom, church, they say bring money for kids.. cups, plate, school books of their own. kids, have none mom."

"are you talking about bringing money for the kids in Liberia?"

"yes mom. they have none. i have dollars mom. i have 3 dollars. i bring it?"

"well honey, that is really nice, and you can bring some of your money next sunday, but you don't have to bring all your money."

"why mom?"

"well, you can keep some of your money, they aren't asking you to bring it all.. (and now realizing how terrible i sound) but if you want to bring all 3 dollars, of course you can, but it is your choice. the kids will get books if you bring just one."

"um... ok.... i bring all 3. thanks mom."

and off to bed she went.
i learn so much from her, every single day.

anyone who ever said she was the lucky one has no idea.


Ashley said...

"anyone who ever said she was the lucky one has no idea."

isn't that the truth?! I feel the same way about my two...well, actually all four!

Courtney said...


Leigh said...

Amen! reminds me of one day when I was hanging out with my friend and her two little girls from ET, one of the made friends with the homeless man sitting next to us and the next days she gathered up items from around the house (socks, shoes, towels, a blanket) then made him sandwiches and asked her mom to go see him again so that he would know someone cares about it. It was powerful.

this is us said...

I've had that exact same experience - trying to talk a little one out of giving "too much" money. If we want the kingdom, we must become like little ones - so true.